Otter Lake

Farmhouse Renovation, Extension and Addition

A two hundred year old brick farmhouse stands proudly off of a country road, as traditional farmhouses in southern Ontario do. The house, barn and sheds tend 130+ acres of grazing fields, forests and marsh, suspended between Bass Lake and Otter Lake. The new owners intend to conserve the integrity of the farmhouse, but also make use of the outdoor space and views available on the land, as well as expand and reorganize the floorplan to accomodate more program and a bigger family.

Invisible from the front, a new low masonry volume extends from the back of the house into the landscape, opening itself to sunset views where the dwellers can enjoy outdoor living, being simultaneously exposed to the landscape and shielded from the road.

In Progress / 2018 -
Phase 1  Demolition [Complete]
Phase 2 Renovation of Farmhouse [Complete]
Phase 3 Extension and Pavilion [Under Construction]